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Investment Compliance Implementation on Charles River IMS

We support an global asset manager in investment compliance implementation on Charles River IMS as part of an overall strategic investment platform realignment.

Typical guideline monitoring migration project tasks are on the agenda: definition, coordination and implementation of guideline standards, guideline documents analysis and interpretation, rule coding and testing, rule assignments implementation, guideline change management, among others.

And again, FundDesigner® with its dedicated project support features is a central element of the conversion project and a platform for all team members to execute over 10000 single project tasks in a perfectly prioritized, well coordinated and highly efficient way. By the way, as of now FundDesigner® serves this role in four guideline monitoring migration projects that we support as highly specialized implementation experts.

Noteworthy: for the second time this year we are using our brand new FundDesigner® Dakota feature stack which enables guideline document upload, text recognition and ultimately linking original guideline wording through interpretation down to single rules of the compliance monitoring tool.


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