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Fund Lifecycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management with FundDesigner

Transparent and automated product life cycle management for asset management

FundDesigner: Stay flexible in an agile industry

Constantly growing investor expectations, new regulatory requirements and the digital transformation require the highest level of adaptability from asset managers, capital management companies and custodians. Their value chains are under constant pressure to adapt.

FondsDesigner transforms the product life cycle management of asset management into digital workflows. For more transparency, efficiency and the necessary flexibility to remain business agile.

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FundDesigner stands for:

  • Continuous improvement of cross-functional workflows

  • Reducing operational risk and ensuring established service levels (SLAs)

  • Easier to adhere to governance and compliance

  • Ensuring defined procedures

  • Higher product throughput with reduced time-to-market

  • Industry best practices

Individuality = Standard

FundDesigner enables workflows and use cases for a better time-to-market for standardized and individual asset management products - and more efficient life cycles.

The automation of routine tasks is very important in order to free valuable capacity of the asset management experts for value-adding and innovative activities.

The fund industry's products go through any number of changes between their creation and their termination. FondsDesigner offers

  • Fund life cycle management for single/multi-manager funds, share classes, mandates​

  • Implementing custom product life cycle management processes

  • Management of roles and responsibilities for fund products 

  • Integration into custom data architectures

  • Integration into custom authorization architectures

  • Management of fund reference data for describing fund products

  • Generation of reports and documents for fund products

  • Management of investment guidelines of fund products to rules and rule assignments of investment compliance monitoring systems including processes for implementing rules and assignments

  • Interfacing with leading investment compliance monitoring systems

  • Managing recurring, manual tasks in investment compliance

  • Machine-assisted extraction of investment guidelines from documents​​

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