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Regulatory Intelligence Service
Portal (RISP)

Completely follow regulatory developments worldwide and use prepared information

Digital information platform for regulatory publications in the financial world

The regulatory requirements for the financial world are continuously and automatically monitored by the Regulatory Intelligence Service Portal [RISP] and professionally assessed by our experts. Our systematic screening ensures the monitoring of publications by regulatory authorities, industry representatives and interest groups. 

The RISP portal provides a digital process from the collection of regulatory information through analysis, evaluation and indexing to transfer to company processes. 

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Strategic potential for your legal department / compliance

  • Systematic, seamless supply of all regulatory publications worldwide

  • Classification, keywording, evaluation and prioritization of the individual information in the customer-specific context

  • Provision of a well-structured universe with all legislative documents (research of the interrelationship of the requirements, evaluation of important topics)

  • Selective notification via individualized e-mail newsletter

  • Digital provision of RISP information for transfer into company processes


  • Previewing and Fast Lane

  • Digitization of documents

  • Statistics and data analysis

  • Search function: Electronic full-text collection of all documents

  • Individualization of the RISP information via the topic modules (clustering), appropriate evaluations and reports

  • Knowledge transfer and exchange with RISP experts

  • Point of contact for supervisory authorities and professional associations  

  • High availability and security standards

Detailed information:

Efficient  compliance management through data-driven decision relevance

Significant time and cost savings

RISP provides automated regulatory decision-making tailored to your business model, saving time and costs and managing compliance:

  • RISP structuring reduces the recording time of a regulatory innovation from an average of 20 to less than 10 minutes

  • We pre-sort around 94% of the content and make it available in a prepared form based on its relevance to decision-making

  • Assuming an hourly rate of €125, there is considerable potential for savings particularly valuable in times of skilled labor shortages, as expertise is difficult to replace


Comparison Items - Events (August 2022 - August 2023)

The chart below shows the items (Regulatory Elements in RISP) compared to the events (Items classified as relevant in shaping a decision basis) over the course of a year:


Bitte kontaktieren Sie Armin Jacobi für weitere Informationen:

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